TRUTH was created with public education at its core, intending to challenge the pre-existing narratives media had of trans youth, and work with communities to push for a shift. We know how important the role of allies and supporters is within the movement for queer and trans liberation, and we are excited for you to be here!

Within this section, allies can find foundational information on the transgender community, as well as resources that will outline actions for allies to take part in. Taking the time to educate ourselves on communities and experiences that we do not identify with is vital in allyship. We encourage you to take time to look through resources available here and reach out if you have questions.

Who are trans youth?

There is no one way to be trans, and one trans youth’s truth does not represent the whole trans youth experience. We recommend you learn more about trans youth by listening directly to many different trans youth and their communities. You can start with the videos below.

Language of Allies

The Language of Allies

As an ally, it’s important to:

  • Learn the differences between Sex Assigned at Birth, Gender, and Gender Expression
  • Analyze the different sections of the TSER Gender Unicorn
  • Identify and understand terms relevant to dialogue around trans issues
  • Discover resources to continue self education and the furthering of discussion in various organizations, clubs, and group settings.
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