Andy (He/Him)

Hi! My name is Andy (he/him), and I am a trans man and a biracial Honduran-American. I am seventeen and just finished my junior year of high school. Last year, I helped start my school’s GSA club, and this experience has led me to take on more leadership roles and learn more about healing justice through TRUTH. I have also spent this time developing my feelings about gender justice and how it relates to my experience as a transgender person. To me, gender justice is the idea that our experience with gender should only enhance, and never prohibit, our means of self-expression and personhood. One thing that I think is important about me is that I am always trying to learn and do new things. My two biggest interests are zoology and art, so whether it is a new craft-related skill or more animal facts, I spend a lot of time researching. I also like to read, write, and draw, and I enjoy exploring new places with my friends. When I’m not drawing or hanging out with other people, I also spend a lot of time with my plants, my fish, and my gecko.