Ebonymonét (She/Her)

Hiii I’m Ebony Monét, my pronouns are she/her/hers, and I live on unceded Duwamish land. I’m a sophomore at Garfield high and I live in Seattle Washington. I’m African American. I am a straight trans woman and my access needs are met. 

I’m pretty stand-offish until I’m comfortable meaning I won’t trust you but I mostly interact with everyone who interacts with me. If I were to describe myself with one word it would be balanced because I’m a balance of weird and crazy and fun and scared and etc. When I’m bored I like to do makeup or try to make plans and not be in the house as much. I love watching my movies- Dreamgirls is my favorite. I’m trying out for my school’s cheer team that’s gonna be a journey but I’m down for the ride.

Gender justice to me means to take power in your gender and use that power to help others be comfortable in living their lives authentically and to also be able to live your life safely.