Harshman (He/They)

Harshman Sihra (he/they) is a human rights activist living on Ho-Chunk land known as Milwaukee, WI. He is the president of his school’s GSA, serves on his state’s LGBTQ+ Activist Council, and conducts research with the American College of Cardiology. This is his first year on the TRUTH Council! He will be joining the BS/MD at the University of Cincinnati this fall, to become a gender-affirming obstetrician-gynecologist in the future. He is a first-generation immigrant, South Asian, and non-binary. Through his struggles for self-acceptance, he hopes to create a world free of resentment and inequity. When he is not advocating for LGBTQ+ liberation, menstrual equity, or reproductive rights, you can find him reading romance novels or trying out local coffee shops. He believes that true gender justice is about equality and can only be achieved via honest and open communication.