Hope (They/Them)

Hope Roundcount is the newly elected president of their GSA and has been doing local work to help their rural town feel safer for LGBTQ+ youth since junior high. Hope is from Kickapoo territory, also known as Central Illinois. Hope is looking forward to their senior year. 

Hope is an active and dedicated member of their community, leading several service organizations such as Key Club and FCCLA. Writing is one of Hope’s favorite pastimes, and their stories and poems have won awards and publications in the past. Additionally, Hope loves to learn and spends most of their free time learning about new hobbies. 

Gender justice is the ability of any individual to express their identity in whichever ways feel best for them without fear. The ability to create a more accepting, colorful, and happy environment for everyone inside is a vital part of gender justice; awareness and education support gender justice in all ways by unraveling harmful stereotypes and uniting our allies behind a common cause.