Jaxin (They/Them)

Hi! My name is Jaxin, my pronouns are they/them/theirs, I live on Kiikaapoi land, and I am in 11th grade. I’d consider myself all over the place in an organized way, if that makes sense. I read a lot of books and comics and if I’m not working or at school, you can always find me watching a superhero movie somewhere around my house. I also am part of an amazing officer team for my school’s Equality Club (shout out to our president who is leaving this year.) 


I believe Gender Justice can and does mean a variety of things. To me, gender justice means that little boys, girls, and anyone else inside or outside of the gender binary feel safe and comfortable being themselves. It means that no matter how “different” they are from other people, they are still loved and cared for just as any other person would be. It means that we wouldn’t have to say “different” or “wrong” when it comes to gender and that all of the proper resources are easy/safe to find. That’s the goal, anyway. When I look at it, right here and right now, I see a fight that we don’t plan on losing.