Juniperangelica Gia Loving

Juniperangelica Gia Loving (she/her/hers): Gia is a trans Latina, organizer, lover, scholar, artist, and mother. Gia attended Azusa High School where she started AHS’s first GSA Club and also connected with GSA Network for the first time in 2012. She joined GSAN’s SoCal Youth Council during high school and was part of the statewide implementation campaign of AB 1266: Safe Schools and Opportunities Act. She first began sharing her story with the media as a California high school student during a legislative battle over transgender students’ ability to participate fully in athletics and use facilities in schools. After high school, Gia attended Citrus College and transferred to UC Berkeley focusing on Ethnic Studies and Race & the Law. While there, she learned a lot about the third- world liberation front from the campaign and historical context of the Ethnic studies department which became a core part of why she engages in this work.

As an organizer, Juniperangelica joined staff in 2015 to lead the development of the TRUTH Program. After joining TRUTH, she led the expansion of the GJLP programs which included bringing the TRUTH and Roses initiatives under the GJLP umbrella with additional trans youth leaders. Now, Gia leads the organization as both the GSA Network and GJLP Deputy Director, using the learning that manifested on her team to lead a transformative future. She is also very proud of raising a cool kid named Tiger.


  • Why are you passionate about this work? What inspires you?
      • At the very root of why I even try, I truly want to be free. I want my baby to be free, I want my friends to be free, I want people to be free. From there, it is a deep commitment to free myself and push the world towards a safer place for all people. That applies everywhere, across the globe. In the US, I’m doing my best to create a safe place for trans people within the structures I was born into. 
  • Fun Facts
      • My dog’s name is Derek Shepherd. 
      • Gilmore Girls is my comfort show.
      • My dream job is to be the professional Cinderella at Disney World! 
  • Favorite Quote
      • “They should tell you when you’re born: Have a suitcase heart, be ready to travel.” -Gabrielle Zevin
  • Inspirational Art
      • Our Lady by Alma Lopez
      • I learned about this piece in an art class. A Latinx artist recreated an image of the Virgin Mary in a feminist and modern way, which sparked controversy from elders in the community during 1999. To me, it is a beautiful piece of work that empowers me and inspires me to keep going.