Lakshmi Garcia

My name is Lakshmi Garcia and I PROUDLY identify as non-binary and pansexual. I have been out for five years now and am on the constant journey of further discovering the truest version of myself.

My journey though has not always been easy. During my sixth grade year, I was outed and began to experience heavy bullying and dealt with eating and mental disorders By the time I got to seventh, I had cut my hair and began to bind. It wasn’t until my eighth grade year where I was able to come out as non-binary to two of my closest teachers as well as start therapy. They saved my life. With them I was able to create the first Gender & Sexuality Alliance in the middle schools of my district. This was in response to a substitute teacher receiving hate notes just because of her sexual orientation. As an only semi-out kid, I knew action needed to be taken.

One of the most important things those two educators taught me was that even if people won’t like who you are, their opinion on you doesn’t really matter. That’s what’s helped me get as far as I am today.

Now that I’m in high school, I try to advocate for mental health and our LGBTQ+ community in any way I can. I strive to expand my horizons in regards to the people I know, the stories I’ve heard, and the ways I can grow as an advocate.

Coming from a family who’s Hispanic and immigrated here, I’ve gained a unique perspective of some of the global issues many face today. My hope is that through TRUTH and beyond I’m able to help advocate for those around me in any way I can.