Mahogany Asunción Ríos/Mahogs

Mahogany is an Afro-Latina nonbinary, trans social activist based in Pittsburgh, PA. Her cultural backgrounds connect to El Salvador and Spain. Originally from San Bernardino, CA, Mahogany moved to Pennsylvania on April 6, 2012 5 days before she turned 12 on the 12th of that same month after her father lost his bakery job and found a construction job in rural PA through one of her cousins who was living in the area at the time. In 2013, her parents split and she moved into the Greater Pittsburgh area once her mother got together with her current partner. 

For a large part of her teens, Mahogs discovered more and more things about herself in regards to her sexual/romantic identity & gender identity and became heavily invested in social activism in her city. She worked closely with youth her age at Persad Center, a mental health clinic for queer folks and a community space where young LGBTQ+ folks can hang and be their authentic selves. She spent some time at the Pittsburgh Equality Center (PEC) formerly known as the Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Pittsburgh prior to 2016 to help run their tents during Pride season as well as Persad’s tents.

Approaching her adulthood, Mahogany took her advocacy a step further from local trans rights rallies and marches to become involved with the Pennsylvania Youth Congress, a statewide youth-led organisation for LGBTQ advocacy across the commonwealth. In 2019, she became an ambassador for the PA Youth Congress travelling to various cities and towns across her home state of Pennsylvania to retreats where other LGBTQ youth advocates and leaders like her had gathered to work on improving the lives of queer folks in their respective cities, counties, and regions. Mahogany would also participate in hearings and political campaigns of certain policies and bills passed in the state capital of Harrisburg, PA. 

This past January she embarked on a great journey to join her PA Youth Congress friends on a road trip to her first ever Creating Change 2020 in Dallas, TX. She and her friends visited various states and cities in states such as West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia! She continues to work diligently as a leader for social justice in her hometown of Pittsburgh and remain in connection with her friends from the PA Youth Congress statewide even as a new member of the GSA Network’s National Trans Youth Council.

On her time off, she spends time cuddling and competitively playing video games with her boyfriend Makeem White, a freelance writer and artist who does some entrepreneurship on the side. This is his last year as a senior at Duquesne University.