Mulani Jackson

Mulani Jackson (she/her/hers): Hailing all the way from Detroit, Michigan, Mulani has faced numerous disparities regarding gender expression and ideologies. It wasn’t until she moved to the Pacific Northwest that she began to develop a love and passion for advocacy work. Mulani got started with activism in high school by running her very own GSA club and was the President of the school organization for three years. During her GSA club days, Mulani started volunteering at a local Queer organization called Oasis Youth Center where she flourished quickly to become a youth advisor. Mulani joined the Trans Youth (TRUTH) Council and served for two years, helping people share their truth through storytelling and media production. Mulani is currently the Roses Program National Organizer at GSA Network.


  • Why are you passionate about this work? What inspires you?
      • What inspires me is the resilience and the courage that I see in the trans youth these days. I honestly do it for them. Growing up, I wish I had more role models and people I could relate to and aspire to be in the media or in my neighborhood. Since I didn’t have that, I feel like it’s my duty to be that person for someone else so they can see themselves in me. 
  • Fun Facts
      • I participate in ballroom culture and am in the house of the Marvelous Monéts.
      • I am a horror film fanatic and some of my favorite movies are Scream, Resident Evil, Night of the Living Dead, Freddie vs. Jason, and Halloween.
  • Favorite Quote: 
      • “Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you is your trademark.” -Jay Danzie
  • Inspirational Books:
      • Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler
      • The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin