Nuriel (They/Them)

Hey y’all, my name is Nuriel (they/them) and I am a first-generation nonbinary Filipinx American from Ohlone Land otherwise known as Oakland, California. I’m proud to call myself part of the TRUTH team this year and have always been politically active, especially within my local community. Outside of community work, I love learning and constantly developing new skills as well as talking to new folks! I love being hands-on and creating (whether that be sappy poetry or making little doodles or even pouring my heart out on the piano). It’s the small things in life that bring me joy. A little plant blooming or a good pun <3


For me, gender justice doesn’t just mean getting the bare rights to just existing. It means being able to celebrate our existence as queer folks of color and uplifting and nurturing those who have been negatively impacted by the cis-hetero patriarchy. It means forming new ways to support each other so that we can be able to live just as we are without having to fear repercussions from the world. Gender justice means recognizing that gender oppression goes beyond classism, racism, ageism, and ableism and transcends a single gender identity. It doesn’t look like one single issue but tackling all the systems that perpetuate gender oppression. We all deserve the right to thrive regardless of our background and gender justice is one step at helping us get there.