Juniperangelica & Yozantli

Associate Director GJLP / Trans Youth Justice Organizer

J: She/her/Ella / Y: They/them/El California

The Gender Justice Leadership Programs includes Associate Director of GJLP Juniperangelica Cordova and National Trans Youth Justice Organizer Yozantli Lagunas Guerrero. Juniperangelica leads GJLP and Yozantli leads GJLP’s TRUTH Program which supports our National Trans Youth Council (featured below!).

Juniperangelica/Gia Cordova is a 23-year-old trans Latina, organizer, lover, scholar, artist, and mother. Gia attended Azusa High School where she started AHS’s first GSA Club and also connected with GSA Network for the first time in 2012. She joined GSAN’s SoCal Youth Council during high school and was part of the statewide implementation campaign of AB 1266: Safe Schools and Opportunities Act. She first began sharing her story with media as a California high school student during a legislative battle over transgender students’ ability to participate fully in athletics and use facilities in schools. After high school, Gia attended Citrus College and transferred to UC Berkeley focusing in Ethnic Studies and Race & the Law.  As an organizer, Juniperangelica joined staff in 2015 to lead the development of the TRUTH Program. In 2020, she became the Associate Director of Gender Justice Leadership Programs to expand TLC and GSAN’s trans-youth gender justice work and programming.

Yozantli Lagunas Guerrero is a 23-year-old trans Latinx organizer, scholar, pug-enthusiast. Yozantli attended high school in Palmdale, Ca and was involved with their high school’s GSA, as well as GSAN’s SoCal Youth Council. After high school, Yozantli attended Sacramento State University. Yozantli joined staff in 2019 as the National Trans Youth Justice Organizer to lead GJLP’s TRUTH Program.

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