Zeam Porter

Midwestern Regional Committee, Social Media Working Committee

They/Them/Theirs, Z Minnesota

I believe in the power of information and its dissemination so much that I am majoring in Media and Cultural Studies at Macalester College. Media advocacy is a tangible way one can connect to their community, spread information related to liberation, and engage in activism. Today media advocacy is also seen as more of an entry point into other realms of activism. With a background in policy work, I hope to use social media to connect the dots and help others engage with their local government. TRUTH gives me the opportunity to truly build with others whose hearts are wrapped up in the trans/GNC liberation!


After meeting an older Black and native nonbinary person, I realized I could live past the age of 18. That’s when the idea that representation is critical to our livelihood was ingrained in me. Media advocacy and storytelling not only highlights our humanity, but uplifts our attempts at one day creating a utopia!

-Zeam Porter

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