This section of our website is aimed to support the friends and families of transgender young people. We know support networks for trans people need support themselves, and here it is.


Family welcome to TRUTH, from parents of a trans child

“Know that what you’re doing right now—reaching out for support and resources—is a very wise choice! As the parents of a transgender child we have learned that arming ourselves with ways to help them and connecting with other parents and supporters of transgender children are essential.”

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Family and friend support for transgender young people is one of the most powerful, helpful things we can find while navigating gender and everything else life throws our way! With this, it is important for family members and friends of transgender people to take every opportunity to educate themselves on how they can better support their transgender loved ones.

It is also really powerful for trans youth to see families and friends speak out and share their own stories and support. We are always looking to connect with parents of transgender youth and hear your story.

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