Alumni Storytelling Program

GJLP is seeking 2 alumni to create individual storytelling projects about caregiving within the transgender community. This is a paid opportunity with a $1000 stipend for members of the trans community to explore and uplift narratives of ‘chosen family’ caregiving for trans youth and elders, highlight the failures in traditional caregiving relationships that make these necessary, and develop resources and strategies to ensure that a wide array of caregiving relationships work better to support the health, safety, and wellbeing of trans youth and elders.

We are seeking one alum to create and record a 2-part video series designed to engage key voices and audiences (trans youth, elders, caregivers, decision-makers) while addressing critical needs around the topic of getting care and giving care. We are seeking a second alum to create a 2-part multimedia zine that addresses the same theme. Alumni will have the opportunity to explore this theme in detail during the program and identify a specific topic that they would like their storytelling projects to focus on.

To learn more about this program, please read this document for an in-depth description!

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