Roses Program

The Roses Program grew out of our TRUTH Program and our commitment to support trans girls of color.

  • We know Black and brown trans girls often experience higher levels of violence at home, school, and work. 
  • We also know that trans girls and women have BEEN organizing in the community and within their chosen family to keep each other alive and their resources sustainable.
  • The Roses program is creating space built by and for trans girls of color, sculpted to not only welcome girls in but to uplift their voices and power.

We are building a world where trans girls of color are taking the roses for themselves. 

A world that not only affirms but is safe for trans girls of color and where they can be and find love.        


  • Community Relationships – supporting inter- community connection; this includes prioritizing intergenerational relationship building between trans girls and trans women in movement because representation matters, especially when you’re young and doing such tasking work. The girls have got to see themselves having a future.
  • Skill Building – supporting girl leaders in accessing and building various organizing and media skills 

While Roses is building opportunities for girls to join at their own capacity, the Roses Youth Council is a leadership opportunity for girl leaders who want more opportunities to be in community with other girl leaders and take part in building more of these spaces.

  • Black, brown, and Indigenous trans girls and nonbinary fems between 14-18 throughout the US are welcome to apply!


  • Our Roses Program holds a monthly gurl space- Water the Roses, happening every second Tuesday of the month, where they are cultivating relationships and sharing wisdom. 
  • GSA Network staff created survival kit care packages for Roses members which included school supplies, personal self- care items, and wellness tools.
  • Guest speakers, staff, and youth engaged in a Live Instagram series called The Gurls are Talking: Intergenerational Conversations where they discussed the importance of connecting youth with role models living in their power throughout the ages.
  • Roses also participated in an art activism workshop called Storytelling Through Art with Xelestiál Moreno-Luz featuring topics like community video making, photography and memory, and graphic design and resistance.