#BlackTransLivesMatter Statement from National Trans Youth Council

As the National Trans Youth Council, we are in solidarity with our Black trans sisters, brothers, and siblings around the country and around the world. As a council made up of Black, Indigenous, people of color, and white members, we as a collective of trans youth condemn the anti-Black violence and murders at the hands of the police state.

We condemn the ongoing transphobia that Black trans folks experience on a daily basis. We condemn the rhetoric that values replaceable property over invaluable Black lives.

We condemn white supremacy, white/NBPOC silence, and violence at the hands of vigilantes. We condemn the network of systems that continually oppress and hurt Black communities worldwide.

We condemn the US judicial system, the prison industrial complex, and the harm perpetuated from these systems, acknowledging that it is inherently based on anti-Blackness and oppression. 

The only way to fix these broken systems is to abolish them and rebuild new ways of living from the ground up. We demand justice for the murders of Tony McDade, Nina Pop, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and all of the Black people that have been murdered at the hands of the police and transphobia. We demand safety for ALL Black people, especially Black trans people. We acknowledge that once Black folks are free, everyone will be free– liberation for Black trans people is liberation for everyone. 

Lastly, “We call for the Abolition of the police, ICE, borders and the judicial system.”

We invite people to read our TRUTH Nine-Point Platform here.