Yozantli Lagunas Guerrero

Yozantli Lagunas Guerrero (they/el): Yozantli is a 25-year-old Latinx organizer, scholar, and pug-enthusiast. Originally from Palmdale, they are a nonbinary/trans queer fat Xicanx currently living in Sacramento, California. As a youth leader, they began organizing in their local LGBTQ community and high school GSA and had the opportunity to attend GSA Network Activist Camp in 2013. They remained connected with the organization and served on GSA Network’s Youth Council and became a youth trainer in Southern California. Yozantli joined TRUTH as a member in 2015 and found it an affirming space for them to be surrounded by other trans/GNC leaders. They strive to live in their authenticity unapologetically.

After high school, Yozantli attended Sacramento State University. They graduated in Fall 2018 with a B.A. in History and Political Science as well as a minor in Chicanx/Latinx studies. Yozantli joined GSA Network in February of 2019 as the National Trans Youth Justice Organizer to lead GJLP’s TRUTH Program and guide trans and GNC youth on their journey. In this role, they have successfully executed the annual GSA Day 4 Gender Justice, leading trans and GNC youth in political education and gender exploration through different forms of media. 

  • Why are you passionate about this work? 
      • Thinking about a little Yozantli and helping them heal inspires me. I want to be the person they needed, and I try to do that for the trans and queer youth I work with now.
  • Fun Facts
      • I really love pugs!
      • I love anime and my current favorite is Naruto.
      • I am very interested in astrology. My sign is a Cancer sun.
      • I create zines on the side!
  • I draw inspiration from…
      • Sylvia Rivera being an amazing trans Latina in 1969.
      • “We have to be visible. We should not be ashamed of who we are.” -Sylvia Rivera
      • I love art, and my place is covered with all sorts of different art pieces from trans art, queer art, and political art. I love to collect all different sorts of pieces. I have art from Manuel Paul, Melanie Cervantes, Julio Salgado, Bee Abeja, and Ernesto Yerena Montejano just to name a few!

This art piece is called Por Vida by Manuel Paul. It was actually a mural in San Francisco for a few years and got defaced three different times from being tagged up and burned where the two men are. I got a chance to visit the memorial for it.