Apply for the Roses Youth Council

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    We want to match a name to a face and see you! Please share a recent photo of yourself so we can attach it to this application. Make sure to include a clear photo of your face as we'll also use this to announce our new members.
  • Please provide /just/ your city, state and zip code. This information is used for region-based mapping.
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  • Storytime!

    Our program believes that storytelling is a form of activism that can shift common narratives about our people and work to push us toward liberation. Throughout your time with the program, our goal is to support you in crafting your story, becoming comfortable and confident in sharing your experiences, and ultimately, becoming a skilled and experienced media-based advocate to help shift the common narrative of our community. This application is step 1 of that journey; complete this application by sharing a short glimpse of your life story. When writing, consider focusing on key pieces of who you are and experiences that have shaped the person you are today and/or the person you are becoming. Within your response, answer three questions: (1) Who are you? (2) What does trans liberation look like for you? Why is it important to uplift the voices of trans girls of color in gender justice? (3) Based on your experiences in either family, school, or community, what are some of the greatest challenges facing trans girls of color in your state, and how have you participated in fighting these challenges? How can mainstream movement better care of trans girls of color?
  • You may submit 1 page of writing/storytelling, which should be 400-600 words or a 3-5 minute video response. Applications are not weighted differently depending on the method of response. If you are submitting your story written, please paste your one-page response in this box below. If you are submitting a video, write "Roses Video submission." in the box below and email the video file separately to [email protected]