GSA Day for Gender Justice 2016

For TRUTH’s first-ever GSA Day for Gender Justice, we launched the #MyTransBodyIs campaign to challenge what conversations about trans bodies look like online. We encouraged transgender youth nationwide to take a moment to share what their body meant to them, highlighting a variety themes that included resilience, self-love/struggle, transformation of self care, beauty and absolute power. We were honored to share this experience with our community, underlining the wide collection of stories that pushed up against the expected.

Hundreds of youth shared selfies and the campaign went viral, making it into Gay Star News.

my trans body is...

Answers from Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Youth



A bit short, a bit small, nearly 2.5 years of T, has a lot of health issues, but is all mine.

Mine to love, to cherish, and to reclaim. I am not unnatural, broken nor sinful. I am art and you best treat me like so.

1 week on hormones, no op, beautiful, and feminine, and doesn't give a damn if you think otherwise.

A work in progress. It is not confusing or invalid. I am a patient, self-made, work of art.

Healing and loved.

Amazing, handsome, worthy, beautiful, and valid.

Small, pre-everything, and a work in progress, but ultimately mine. There's beauty in being self-made.

Pre-everything but still changing. It is who I am. It is how I express myself.