Letter from trans youth: We will continue to show up for each other

Today the Supreme Court chose not to hear the case of Gavin Grimm, and our hearts grew a bit heavier. As transgender young people at this moment of history, we are carrying so much weight. We are carrying fear – of violence towards us and our siblings, of legislation that criminalizes our bodies, of being pushed away from institutions of care. As members of the TRUTH council, we love and support each other. We are organizers in communities that are vibrant and resilient. But even for us, the emotional weight of surviving is immense.

To the trans youth in this country who are hurting today, we are here for you. The education system has always been a battleground for students like us, but the brilliance of transgender youth resistance will never be stopped. It is ok to feel hurt, to feel angry, to feel afraid.  Know that we are all worthy of love and resources. We are valuable. We are strong.

Regardless of the choice that the Supreme Court made, we will continue to work towards schools that are sites of liberation and safety for transgender youth.  When we center black and brown trans girls and femmes, when we center disabled and undocumented trans students, when we end school pushout, this weight will begin to lift for us all.

Please know that this decision did not change the law. Transgender students are still protected, and if you need help navigating new or existing policies at your school, please reach out to the Transgender Law Center at transgenderlawcenter.org/legalinfo. As always, TRUTH is uplifting trans and gnc young folk on social media at @thetranstruth. And check out our TRUTH council member Violet Martinez’s blog post about how everyone can #ShowUp4TransYouth in this moment.

With love and in solidarity,

The National TRUTH Council