TRUTH has centered the need for youth-created resources that meet our community where it’s at. We’ve highlighted the handful of projects our councils have worked on that include foundational curriculum, how-to and DIY skill sharing, as well as crafting collections of outside resources that our members have used and appreciated.

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* If you are having an immediate crisis situation, please call 911, the Trans Lifeline U.S. (877-565-8860) / Canada (877-330-6366), or the Trevor Project (866-488-7386) *

Resources with unicorn icon signify the resources created by TRUTH council leaders.


The Stimming Checklist

Provides a list of commonly used self-soothing behaviors, perspectives of people who use them, and various stimming resources.

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Rain Simulator

Ambient rain noise simulator to reduce anxiety, aid in sleeping, and provide a portable self-care option.

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Trans at the Doctor’s Office

The California TRUTH Council breaks down the experience of going to the doctor’s office as trans youth, and how health care providers can better support trans youth.

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Trans 101

This pamphlet includes the the differences between Sex Assigned at Birth, Gender, and Gender Expression, the different sections of the TSER Gender Unicorn, terms relevant to dialogue around trans issues and resources to continue self-education and the furthering of discussion in various organizations, clubs, and group settings.

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Acing a Media Interview

If you share your story as part of a storytelling campaign, there will likely be opportunities to talk to the media. If you accept these opportunities there are several things to consider, including: preparation for interviews; understanding the good and bad consequences of talking to reporters; making time to do interviews; being prepared to answer tough questions on camera or on the radio; and being prepared for any response from the public.

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