Meet Amaya

Hi! My name is Amaya! I am originally born with the name, Armani, but I prefer Amaya. As you can tell I am a transgender girl. I am 13 years old. Some unique things about myself is that I create sim series. You probably don’t know what I’m talking about, but it’s basically making films/episodes with sim characters. Some experiences that led me to understand my gender and realize my authentic self was when I tried on a dress for the first time, played dolls with the girls, and put on makeup.

Obstacles I have faced is school, transphobic people, homophobes, and some family members. I still face with homophobes, transphobic people, family members, and bathroom issues.

My goal for myself is to inspire people to stay strong as a transgender youth individual. I hope that people realize that there are going to be ups and downs about being transgender, but there is always going to be a bright side. A change that I want to see is others learning to accept and understand more about the term “Transgender” instead of taking advice from a person with no knowledge at all.