Meet Connor

Hi! I’m Connor 🙂

I love Math and Writing!

When I was a small child I always knew something was off. I was always trying to do boy things and in the very devout Christian family I lived in that was not excepted so I learned to suppress it. There is one moment I will always remember very distinctly. My uncles loved to joke and scare me and my sister and one day when I was about 5 they told us that when we each turned 12 that we would turn into boys. I remember being so intensely excited. As dumb as it was I believed him until I was 11 years old and when I hit 12 I was still disappointed even though I knew it wasn’t going to happen. When I was 13 I went to my friend’s Drag King show at my local LGBTQ+ group and it inspired me to finally tell my mom how I was feeling, though I knew I couldn’t tell my father. I woke my mom up that night when I got home and told her that I felt like a boy inside and wanted my body to reflect these feelings. She was not okay with it at first but as time went on she became okay with it and I slowly started to transition.

I have had to face quite a few obstacles to go through as I have made my way through my transition, I told my father 2 weeks before my 8th grade promotion and for a week he was really okay, he cut my hair and suddenly like it was a switch. He just stopped, told me I was seeking attention, and we began to fight all the time and this was all while my mom was being extremely supportive. So I finally moved out of my dad’s and we haven’t spoken a word to each other since. Losing my dad hurt but not being able to transition is worse. Now that I am living with my mom she isn’t so cool with it and we fight daily now and it’s very hard for me to handle and I am starting to consider emancipation because it is becoming a daily struggle for me and I can’t handle it and I’m tired of fighting with my mother 24/7.

My goal for myself is to get all the way through my transition and graduate from Yale and go on to Harvard Med being the man I know myself to be. After reading this I just want others to be inspired and see that even though things can suck you can make it through and things can always get better. I just want to see more people happy and being who they are. Remember, life always gets better!