Meet Finn (interviewed by Nat’l TRUTH Council Member, Dexter)

Our National TRUTH Council works to uplift the stories and truths of trans young people throughout the US. In this project, Midwest member Dexter interviewed Finn. Meet Finn!

Finn’s Story (text below)


F: I got off the bus today and these kids were trying to figure out what my gender is.

D: And how do those type of interactions make you feel?

F: Weird. I don’t like it. I wanted to say I’m a guy but I was worried my voice would crack and stuff and I wouldn’t sound masculine enough.

D: Is there something about your experience as a trans person you feel is often ignored or overlooked?

F: There was a time when my friends thought I had all this privilege as a man because they looked at me and saw this guy, but like I’m trans. I’m not cis and I wasn’t like passing at the time. I didn’t have a binder or any of that stuff so I got misgendered all the time. Things are better now but like certain things still effect me that I think others forget like with the abortion laws going up all over the country, that causes problems for me too because I have a uterus and can get pregnant. I’m not trying to but like it can happen.

My experiences as a Black transman are very different from the trans narrative that’s being told. I’m not lucky enough to get the things I want and need all the time. I’m lucky enough to have started T and have a supportive family and friends and that’s a lot but things are still not great.

D: When do you feel the best in your identity?

F: When I get gendered correctly on the first try I feel great. Every time my mom calls me her son.