Our stories

Every story is unique! Check out the examples below for inspiration and to learn more about the trans and gender- nonconforming youth around the country.

Meet Joan

My name is Joan, I am 15 years old and from the state of Pennsylvania. I’ve always been told that I am a girl, even

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Meet Ray

I am fourteen years old, and I believe that no transgender kids should have to go though middle school the way I did. In general,

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Meet Felix

I’m a 16 year old transgender student living in a small town in Washington State. I first came out to a small group of friends

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Meet Aleta

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing phenomenal today! My name is Aleta, and I am 22 years old and from the Central Valley

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Meet Ollie

I’m sharing this video because I want to be able to reach other trans youth who struggle with feeling isolated, and I also want to help

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Meet Tyler

I guess I had a weird upbringing, or weird parents, because I never really understood what society looked for. I didn’t understand why I had

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Meet Keandre

My name is Keandre and I’ve lived in the SF Bay Area since I was born. I’ve been involved in music, writing, art, and film

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