From us, for you (and them): Trans Valentine’s Day Cards

Love is beautiful, complicated, fragile, so many words to describe something some people seek and some people don’t. Love is often taught to us through a cisgender heterosexual lens that so many trans and nonbinary folks are often left out.

For trans youth, it may be hard to imagine ourselves and love because the messages we receive leave us out of the picture. In response, we reimagine complete worlds where people who look like us have all the love we need to bloom. We reinvent what love looks like in our relationships with people both platonic and romantic, community, movement, and with ourselves.

For a digital manifestation of this love and to make it easy for our people to share love with eachother, we created a variety of cards you can download and share with all your loved ones during this Valentine Season!

Trans Valentine’s Day cards made by trans cuties for trans valentines. Love that #T4T.

Trans and nonbinary folks are deserving of love. Let us reclaim it and own it!

Happy Valentines Day <3 #transvday