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The GSA Day 4 GJ Collection


In this episode, Hanzo Holmes, Navi Evans, Ascher Marks, Micah Pwr Damocles spill… from culture to whiteness to boundaries. Let’s get into it!


In this episode, Bianca Lamas, Niq Muldrow, James Perlow, Elias Riyad take us through a powerful journey and conversation centering power, teachings, community and wholeness. Prepare your body, mind and spirit for this one.

“The Cookout”

In this episode, Mulani Jackson, Sam Martinez, Jayy Covert, Dexter K speak to their experiences living at the intersections of being trans and people of color. Make your plate and get comfy, time for The Cookout.

“Trans in the Wild”

In this episode, Willow Breshears, Ella Moss, M Valladolid talk through the lived realities of being transgender youth and what it means to exist authentically. This episode is also edited by Audrey Payne.