Table Of Contents:

“The Warmth of Gender Euphoria” by Kio Wallace (He/They)

“The Real Narrative” by JP (He/Him)

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“Feeling Content” by Micah Jeffrey (He/him)

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“KING SIRÈNE” by Krow Sirène Iroquois (He/Him)

“Frat Boys and their Little Trans Brother” by Paris Woodward- Ganz (He/Him)

“A Godly Change” by Mak Petersen (He/Him)

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“We Shine Together” by Dave (Zey/It/He)

“Head in the Rainbow” by Forever Powell (Any Pronouns)

“This Woman” by Lyric Gibson (She/They)

“Pictures Last Longer” by Lucas Allen (He/Him)

“Childhood Bedroom” by Harvey Reyes (He/Him)

“Caramel Camellia Queers” by Gabriele Jones (None/They/He)

“In this America” by Lyric Gibson (She/They)

“Nirvana ’Thee Ma’Dam’” by Lyric Gibson (She/They)

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“Experimenting 3” by Jay D. (They/Them)

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Casey Byrd (He/Him): Front and back cover artist!