GSA Day 4 Gender Justice 2021

We are excited to share the new art piece created for GSA Day 4 Gender Justice, “Transformative Justice” art by DXTROSE that goes with our theme, We Call for an End to Disposability Politics and a Commitment to Transformative Justice!

Welcome to the GSA Day 4 Gender Justice home base! This is where you will find all sorts of information about the history of GSA Day, how to participate in our day of action, resources for your GSA club, and much more! 

On Friday, November 12, the National Trans Youth Council invites you to join us in GSA Day 4 Gender Justice (#GSADay4GJ). Since 2018, we have used the National Trans Youth Council’s Nine-Point Platform as the focus of our days of action by following one of the nine-points for each year. This year, We Call for an End to Disposability Politics  and a Commitment to Transformative Justice. 

What is GSA Day 4 Gender Justice?

GSA Day 4 Gender Justice is our day of action for GSA clubs, LGBTQ+ Youth, and allies that centers young trans and nonbinary people creating a future free of gender-based violence within the GSA Movement

How can I join?

We invite LGBTQ+ youth leaders and allies to take part in our day of action! In the coming weeks we will share updates on how you and your GSA Club can participate and hold conversations around transformative justice and gender justice. 

Art Workshop with DXTROSE: Creating Our Futures

GJLP is excited to announce a 4-part Online Art Workshop where youth leaders will learn to find their creative visions, create newly inspired artwork, and share their work to a larger community with social media tools and strategies. By the end of the workshops, folks will have covered these 4 different topics: Values and Vision, Visual Art, Content Creation, and Creative Process. The goal is to bring about 20 youth leaders to learn about art and create art/media for GSA Day 4 Gender Justice on November 12. Youth Leaders who complete the workshop series will receive $100 gift cards. Classes begin on Saturday, October 16 from 11am-12pm PST / 2-3pm EST and end on November 6.

Art workshop applications are now closed.

Calls of Action

Below are the calls of action from the National Trans Youth Council for GSA Day 4 GJ for GSA clubs, youth leaders, and allies to participate in on our day of action!

  1. Make sure you follow @ourtranstruth on social media. During the week of GSA Day 4 GJ, there will be various posts to learn about transformative justice so make sure you’re on the lookout!
  2. Reflect and engage in transformative justice. We invite you to take time to personally reflect about your role in transformative justice and to talk to your community about how to incorporate transformative justice into your everyday life.
  3. Join our selfie campaign on GSA Day 4 GJ! Answer the prompt, “I hold myself accountable by…” on social media. Add your name, age, and pronouns. For example, “My name is Lakshmi, my pronouns are they/them, I am 17 years old, and I hold myself accountable by learning how to apologize to those I have harmed and restoring friendships.”

 Transformative Justice Zine

For GSA Day 4 Gender Justice, we wanted to release a zine about transformative justice which includes definitions, self-reflection prompts, discussion questions, and resources to learn about our theme of the year. We invite you to check it out and start conversations with yourself and your community!

Click here to check out our latest Zine!

to visit the gsaday4gj homepage