GSADay4GJ Zine 2023

GSA Day for Gender Justice (#GSADay4GJ) is a national day of action for GSA clubs, LGBTQ+ youth, and allies to center trans, nonbinary, and gender diverse people and mobilize for their liberation.

This year, we are calling on GSAs to mobilize around the fifth  point of the platform:

We call for Decolonization and Reparations for all Indigenous and Black Peoples

Members of the National TQ2S+ Youth Council created the zine below to further explore this year’s theme with sections dedicated to land acknowledgment, allyship, discussion questions, youth art and interviews, and resources. We hope that this zine will be a resource for GSA clubs to engage in education and discussion about decolonization and reparations for all Indigenous and Black peoples!

Download the GSADay4GJ 2023 Zine here!

Be sure to check out the GSADay4GJ 2023 homepage to learn more about this year’s day of action and engage in the additional calls to action here!