Meet Clorise! (Interviewed by Nat’l TRUTH Council Member Ascher)

Our National TRUTH Council works to uplift the stories and truths of trans young people throughout the US. In this project, Western member Ascher supported his peer, who is also on our youth council and based in the Midwest, Clorise. Meet Clorise!

Hello my name is Ascher. I am 17 years old and I interviewed Clorise. They use they/them pronouns and they are also 17 years old.

Ascher: How did you personally realize that you were trans*?

Clorise: Like a lot of trans people I think I realized it because of the internet

A: What was it like to find a word or a description of an identity that final fit how you felt?

C: I never had the Euphoric feeling so many people talk about when they better understand their identities. I think when I found the word nonbinary it was like denial at first? I never thought I could be not cis so it took a long time and a lot of thinking for me to be comfortable with the label of nonbinary.

A: Reflecting on how you felt when you initially came out and who you were when you initially came out, what would you say to that person and to the feelings that person felt?

C: I would tell baby me that everything turns out alright. A little weird but alright. You’ll realize who you want to be around and who you don’t. Also that it’s okay to be yourself.

A: Have you ever seen yourself represented in the media? If so how did it feel to see someone like you on tv? If not how would it feel to see someone like you on tv?

C: I don’t think I have seen myself represented in media which is kinda depressing considering I’m pretty much the stereotypical nonbinary person. Seeing someone like me on tv would be amazing, maybe even a little bit freeing..? I don’t know if that’s a good word to use.

A: What is self determination to you?

C: Personally self determination means that people can be themselves and express themselves without fear of harm.

A: How do you personally practice self determination?

C: By being loud about my identity in cis centric spaces

A: What would you say to a young nonbinary person who’s currently struggling with adversity whether it be with coming out or already being out and dealing with backlash from peers or other community members?

C: That they are loved and valued. They will make it through all of this and please find people they trust to help them.