Meet Fox

My name is Fox, and I’m a 19 year old nonbinary person. I’ve always kind of been someone who doesn’t really feel gender for as long as I can remember.

When I was 14, I began to dress more androgynously to express myself. My family began to shut me down, stating that the clothes I wore and the way I looked and appeared wasn’t feminine enough for them. I was belittled and harassed by my family for how I identified, and it really took a toll on me and my mental health.

For a long time, I felt super uncomfortable in my skin and wanted to be anything other than what I was. I felt miserable and trapped. Fortunately, with help from a good group of friends, a great GSA, and a phenomenal counselor, I was able to be at peace with myself and now I live freely with myself, happy and comfortable with the way I identify. I believe schools should have support like the kind I was lucky enough to have access to for all Trans and gender non-conforming youth, because nothing feels better than being free to be yourself.