Meet Jayden

Hi, my name is Jayden and I am a trans student. While I was assigned female at birth, growing up I always liked everything masculine, like toys, movies clothing or whatever it may be, I always felt and knew I was different than most girls, for starters I didn’t exactly feel like a girl.

I was terrified of coming out to my family. They were, how do I say it, very “Traditional” , like they always forced me to wear clothing that didn’t align with my gender identity and constantly putting me down with hateful words and complaining about why couldn’t I just be “normal”. I never felt comfortable or safe around my family which was very unhealthy for me, a family is supposed to be loving, caring, and helpful yet mine was the opposite of all of that.

What I have done for myself was to turn my head from my family’s hatred for my identity and to explore who I really am because even though I don’t experience the “normal” symptoms that trans youth go through, it doesn’t make me any less trans and I am perfectly happy with how I am. Now, what I have done as a way to seek out a call for action was first engaging in any LGBT and trans events, clubs, or organizations that I can. That way I can connect with more trans youth who get me, make new friends, and where I don’t have to hide who I am. What I have decided to be done is that I believe schools should offer separate programs where trans or questioning youth can be who they are and where they can form a health social group that benefits themselves and not only that but a program quite like parent student meetings, but instead of grades the parents will be learning trans lessons or information to educate them on what they can do to better their trans child (if given perimission by the trans youth) to ensure their child is happy and healthy and what steps they are willing to follow to help their kid possibly transition or simply ways that they can make them more comfortable in their body and to simply make them happy.