The GSA Day 19 Collection

“Navigating Higher Education for Trans Students” by Andres Bautista

“Beauty Standards as a Transwomxn” by Willow Breshears

“How I ‘Turned’ Non-binary” by Clorise Busch

“Fat Boi Summa” by Cruzilious Contreras-Amezcua

“Euphoria” by Jayy Covert

“How to: Water a Trauma Plant” by Micah Pwr Damocles

“Black Excellence” by Navi Evans

“Culture by Couture” by Hanzo Holmes

“Essentials” by Mulani Jackson

“Treat” by Dexter Komakaru

“Shopping 4 a Gender” by Bianca L.

“Colors” by Ascher Marks

“Being queer for me” by Sam Martinez

“Gender Liberation is Joy” by Niq Muldrow

“Practicing Radical Acceptance” by Audrey Payne

“Self-determination in Five Words” by James Perlow

“like me: QT thoughts from the Arab Diaspora” by Elias Riyad

“Here Trans and Queer” by M Valladolid

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