Welcome from the Porters

Know that what you’re doing right now – reaching out for support and resources – is a very wise choice! As the parents of a transgender child we have learned that arming ourselves with ways to help them and connecting with other parents and supporters of transgender children are essential.

Our child, Zeam, is a successful college student, aspiring multidisciplinary artist and proud activist for transgender rights. Much of Zeam’s life is filled with joy, but there have been many challenges we faced along the way. As you well know, the world is not always understanding and kind to transgender children and youth. Staying strong as a family, united in love and support for Zeam while we sought to understand what it meant to raise a trans child was the key to not just surviving, but thriving.

While this is your child’s journey, it is also your journey as a family. Connecting with other families and their stories can help you along the way and provide courage, guidance, and support as you advocate for your child. Find the resources and stories here that are right for you and your child and pass them on to others.

Strength in unity,
Ea and Louis Porter II