GSA Network's Language change announcement

GSA Network is updating its language! While we have used the acronym “LGBTQ+” to encompass our community in the past, we are shifting to “TQ2S+” (transgender, queer, Two-Spirit+) now and as we go forward.⁣

“As we grow and expand in our trans and queer work, it’s essential we listen to our youth and partners, and in that listening we are trying to be a reflection of the work that is present on the ground. We hope that by including 2S in our language, we welcome our Native family. This is a simple way to expand our reach and create visibility for varied identities.” – LuzMarina (She/Her), Two-Spirit Initiative⁣

The term “Two-Spirit” or “2S” refers to, “Indigenous people who have both feminine and masculine spirits. Depending on the tribe, a person’s Two-Spirit identity can describe how they express themself, what work they do in the community, and/or what role they may have in traditional ceremonies. The term was created at the 3rd Annual Native American Gay and Lesbian Gathering in 1990, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.” – Hendrix O. (they/them), New Mexico GSA Network- The Mountain Center⁣

We want to hear from you!

Deadline: Sunday, November 20