# Love Letters to Trans Youth

The first call for #LoveLettersToTransPeople that we saw was shared out by Transgender Law Center, one of the organizations that support GJLP alongside GSA Network, on October 29, 2020. We appreciated this call and appreciate TLC’s support of GJLP continuing this energy and love toward trans youth at a time when politicians continue to target our community… at a time when love (and tangible change!) feels so needed. This is where #LoveLettersToTransYouth is rooted.

TLC shared: “We know our liberation lies in one another. We know that love and liberation go hand in hand. We are launching #LoveLettersToTransPeople today because we know that love is transformative. That our movement work is a love letter to our people. That love is how we honor our ancestors.”

As transphobic bills continue to be introduced across the country, we’re calling on our people and allies to #ShowUp4TransYouth. Follow our work on our social media platforms (@ourtranstruth). Let us say: it is always the right time to make your love for and solidarity with trans and nonbinary youth loud and clear. One way you can do this is by writing #LoveLettersToTransYouth. Submit your letter using the link below and we’ll boost your words online. Share this call with friends and allies!

To the trans and nonbinary youth leaders here, our team is excited to share with you so many messages of love… power… resilience… hope… kindness… cheer… and trans-power-we-got-us type of energies. You can also submit a letter to our community using the link below.

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Submit your #LoveLettersToTransYouth here.

Letter text transcription (in order of letter graphics above)

To Trans Youth, from Enigma in Alaska: “I’m here to tell you that you are loved, that someone cares and wants you to do okay. I’m here to urge you to hang on for as long as you can. Trust me, there are people who want to see you bloom.” Enigma, Alaska #LoveLettersToTransYouth GJLP

To Trans Youth, from Ms. V in Pennsylvania: “You are worthy of every good and wonderful thing in this world. I am committed to making this world, specifically schools, a safer and more affirming place for you. I see you and I celebrate who you are. You are going to shine.” Ms. V – Pennsylvania #LoveLettersToTransYouth GJLP

To Trans Youth, from D: “Dear nonbinary family,
You are loved. This society is not built for us in mind but we are here, and we will continue to be here.
Your experiences are worthy of being loved. Your identity is not strange or bizarre, it has always been here.” D #LoveLettersToTransYouth GJLP

To Trans Youth, from Connie in Pennsylvania: “You are beautiful, a rainbow of curiosity, resilience, and inspiration. Our queer ancestors fought and faced hardships. They created a seat at the table when no one gave them one. That gives us strength to continue pushing forward. You are a part of a courageous and gorgeous community, one which gives me hope and inspires me to continue to fight every day.” Connie, Pennsylvania #LoveLettersToTransYouth GJLP

To Trans Youth, from Elijah: “To all the trans boys and transmasculine kids, Hello. It’s me, your honorary trans big brother, if you’ll have me. If you aren’t able to access medical transition before puberty, it’s okay. People might try to hold you to arbitrary standards of masculinity, and none of those people matter. Don’t let someone else dictate your gender. Do not let anyone tell you that your gender is anything less than a fantastic part of a wonderful person. Go easy on your body. All of our voices are important, and everyone deserves to be heard.” Elijah #LoveLettersToTransYouth GJLP

To Trans Youth, from Gael in Florida: “No matter where you are in life, I want you to know that I’m rooting for you. I want you to win. I’m hoping that you find what you need in life and that you are truly happy. You are so special and one of a kind. Don’t ever forget that. Sharing your light allows others to do that same. This world needs you to shine your light now more than ever.” Gael, Florida #LoveLettersToTransYouth GJLP

To Trans Youth, from Jaime in Tennessee: “As a mother, my favorite part has been to learn life lessons from my kids. When my youngest came out, I felt honored to be included. Then I learned that other kids were not as accepted by their families. While I am alive I vow to be the person to stand up, sit down, shout or be silent in the name of ALL trans folk who need their voices and hearts to be heard. Keep fighting the good fight! You are a beautiful soul. I’ve got your back!!! I believe in you.” Jaime, Tennessee #LoveLettersToTransYouth GJLP

To Trans Youth, from Michelle in Illinois: “You are some of the strongest people I know, not because you can withstand oppression and hate but because you don’t bend to the will of the collective—which would be far easier, let’s admit that fact. Instead, you continually and constantly renew your loyalty to yourself against the backdrop of a world that can be extraordinarily brutal to you, for you. Make no mistake: You should not need this strength. Living your truth should not be revolutionary. What I want you to know, what I want you to feel deep in your bones, is that you are heroes. Most of who I am today I am because of my trans kid. My trans kid is a gift. All trans kids are a gift. So huddle up my favorite humans and listen to me because I’m only going to say this every day for the rest of your lives: I love you. I love you. I love you. You are my heroes, and I’ll continue fighting for the world you deserve until the day I die.” Michelle, Illinois #LoveLettersToTransYouth GJLP

To Trans Youth, from Kurt in Alabama: “Throughout history, many cultures and civilizations have viewed trans people as a sacred embodiment of masculine and feminine forces in one body, special manifestations of the divine who were to be revered and respected. You know you are the truth. Live as though you are the light of the world because you are, and the rest of the world will soon follow.” Kurt, Alabama #LoveLettersToTransYouth GJLP

To Trans Youth, from Jenny in Texas: “Even when the world can be unkind, you love and care for yourself and your fellow trans and queer youth. Thank you for that. Thank you for believing in a better world for all people. I hope we adults in this life can live up to helping you create the hopeful and diverse world you dream of. Black trans youth, to you specifically I pray and will fight that you can live to be trans elders like Miss Major. That you can be the generation that inspires and creates for the Black trans youth of our future.” Jenny, Texas #LoveLettersToTransYouth GJLP