GJLP ‘No Pride Without Trans Youth’ Community Report Back on the Spring 2021 Legislative Session

Led by the wisdom and stories of young trans and nonbinary leaders, Gender Justice Leadership Programs offers a community report-back on what we saw, felt, and learned throughout the 2021 Spring Legislative Session. As we witnessed state after state introduce bills that used inaccurate and hurtful narratives to threaten the rights of trans people, it became clear that policymakers were continuing the wave of anti-trans legislation and narrowing focus onto trans youth.

Through this zine, we offer a recap of what happened during the sessions, words and wisdom from trans and nonbinary youth leaders throughout the US, and solid ways that you can be in solidarity with trans youth (in and out of legislative sessions).

No Pride Without Trans Youth: A Community Report Zine

#ShowUp4TransYouthNote: We will also update periodically if there are major policy updates that shift information we include.