A How-To Guide for Digital Storytelling

Storytelling Guide: Although this is a guide for storytelling in regards to substance abuse and mental health services, the advice and practical components can be tailored for GJLP storytelling. This resource is a great interactive guide for digital storytelling with specific timelines and activities you can use!

A Changemaker’s 8 Step Guide to Storytelling

A Changemaker’s Eight-Step Guide to Storytelling: This resource is a step-by-step guide to storytelling and includes ways to engage heads, hearts and hands to drive change. If you are having a difficult time getting started, check out this resource and the many examples that it includes!

NPR Storytelling Blueprint

Project Blueprint: It’s important to begin any storytelling project with intention. Before you start making things, you should have a clear sense of who you’re trying to reach, what you’re trying to say, and the scope of your project on all platforms. This project blueprint is designed to help.​ Fill it out at the beginning …

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Acing a Media Interview

Acing A Media Interview If you share your story as part of a storytelling campaign, there will likely be opportunities to talk to the media. If you accept these opportunities there are several things to consider, including: preparation for interviews; understanding the good and bad consequences of talking to reporters; making time to do interviews; …

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