"Trans Joy" by Jesse Young-Paulson (They/Them)

"You Can Breathe Now" by Jay Schroeder (They/He)

"Polaroid Photo" by Ehko Phantasos (They/He)

"Euphoria" by Jayden Mayers (He/Him)

"The Gardener" by Ray Winig (They/Them)

"Photosynthesis" by Silas Reed Logan (They/Them)

"The Children of the Stars" by Cassian Miller-Felix (They/Them)

"Acceptance" by Robin Draetta (He/They)

"Nagi Nunpa" by DJ Little Bull (They/He)

"I Couldn't Write A Poem About What You Were To Me So I Told You A Story" by Paris Woodward-Ganz (He/Him)

"True Trans Love" by Valentine Lucas (They/He)

"Sweet Memories" by Mikey Aston-Clark (He/Him)

"Trans People Are Beautiful" by Delilah Martin (She/They)

"Trans People Are Beautiful" by Aaliyah Monét (She/Her)

"Make Your Mark" by Felix Duarte (He/They)