No Pride Without Trans Youth

For the past three years, our Gender Justice Leadership Programs have released their annual “No Pride Without Trans Youth” zine, an exploration into what trans and gender- nonconforming youth experienced during each legislative session. Hundreds of bills attacked healthcare, education, civil rights, public accommodations, and more for TQ2S+ youth across the country who have increasingly become a culture-war target for the right. While the noise from the right increased in volume and viciousness, trans youth refused to be silenced; in fact, they stood up in the face of blatant hate and prejudice to make their stories and voices heard. 

Within these zines, you will find a deeper examination of the hundreds of bills and their effects on trans youth throughout the country. We invite you to do more than just read through the editions of “No Pride Without Trans Youth.” Explore more about specific bills by state, learn about resources that you can share with those in need, and answer calls to action that can make a positive impact for trans youth. 

We hope that “No Pride Without Trans Youth” does more than bring awareness to the issues facing our community; we hope that it inspires action, change, and future storytelling. Our history is filled with mountains climbed, rivers crossed, and barriers overcome. Our stories have persevered and so have we. We continue to devise freedom for all TQ2S+ youth and know that what is written in the stars can never be erased.

3rd edition: No pride without trans youth 2023

Calls to Action:

  1. Take our next steps survey and help guide GSA Network’s future goals, vision, and projects
  2. Share your thoughts and experiences with the 2023 legislative session
  3. Donate to GSA Network’s Youth Freedom Fund for Give OUT Day
  4. Stay up to date with the ACLU map of anti-LGBTQ+ attacks
  5. Send a message to your state legislator 
  6. Register to vote and learn more about #VotingWhileTrans
  1. Know Your Rights with the National Center for Transgender Equality
  2. Trans Agenda for Liberation with Transgender Law Center
  3. Anti-Trans Hate Machine Podcast with TransLash
  4. State by State Resources with Lambda Legal
  5. GSA Network’s Trans and Queer Wellness Resources
  6. Transgender FAQ with the Human Rights Campaign

2nd edition: No pride without trans youth 2022

1st edition: No pride without trans youth 2021