Meet Jaxon

Hello! My name is Jaxon/Jax and I am 17 years old. Starting from an extremely young age i was never comfortable presenting as a female, but later in my life i also came to recognize that i also was not comfortable presenting as a male either.

When i started 8th grade i was quickly outed as not identifying as a female or a male. I was left completely petrified for my safety and well being considering i was verbally and physically assaulted for who i was. It got so bad that i dropped out of 8th grade until we moved to a new school district.

After leaving my old school district i reached out to my new high school to make sure they were tolerant of my gender identity and that they had a zero tolerance policy when it came to discrimination and harassment so i could safely attend school and receive a fair and safe education. Since that long term incident i faced i made it my goal to see that every school actively enforces a no discrimination rule so that even transgender and non-binary students have a safe space to go to school without fear of harassment or judgement and can receive their education without obstacles in their way.